Crash, Crisis, Crypto: a short history of investment banking


Sep 15 2018, Irish Times

“It’s September 15 2008 and you carry your heart in a cardboard box across the concourse with the world’s TV cameras in your face.”


“Ooh,” E giggles, “it’s the wolf of Wall Street.”

M stuffs a cushion over her mouth and E points at DiCaprio’s leering screenface.

“So Dad,” she goes, “did you ever snort coke off someone’s ass?”

Then they’re rolling about in hysterics. I mean, what do you say to that? So I give them the sad Dad headshake and turn away.

“No wait,” E straightens up, “what it was really like?” CONT…


Nov 29 2016 Waterstones Piccadilly

Ireland meets Flanders: aifric + Annelise Verbeke + Jan Vantoortelboom

Join us for an evening of readings and conversation with celebrated World Editions authors Aifric Campbell, Annelies Verbeke and Jan Jan Vantoortelboom.  Enjoy a glass of Belgian beer courtesy of Flanders House, London.

9781846687310Aifric Campbell is an Irish writer based in the UK whose novel On the Floor was long listed for the Orange Prize 2012. Previous work includes novels The Loss Adjustor (2010) and The Semantics of Murder (2008), and Aifric’s short stories have appeared inThe Book of Men, The Irish Times and New Irish Short Stories.

Annelies Verbeke is an award winning novelist, short story writer, essayist and scriptwriter. Her debut novel S9789462380691leep! sold over 70,000 copies in the Flemish edition, and her work has been published in twenty-two countries. Her most recent novel Thirty Days is now available in English, translated by Liz Waters.  Voted by Dutch readers as the best novel of 2015.

9789462380714 Jan Vantoortelboom’s second novel His Name is David has been translated into English from the Dutch by Vivien D Glass and will be launched as part of this evening’s event. It’s the story of a young teacher in pre-world War I Flanders, attempting to evade his fate. Jan’s writing has been compared to Pat Barker. Having studied in Dublin he counts Roddy Doyle among his influences.This evening will be chaired by Rosie Goldsmith – broadcaster, journalist and director of the European Literature Network.£3 tickets (redeemable against purchase of one of this evening’s featured books) are available in store, by telephone 020 7851 2400 or by email [email protected]

Dr S91scpnx+guLharad Paul, skin cancer surgeon and novelist explores the history of the human skin, the changes it undertook every time the future of the species was at stake and the genetic chains that bind races and species together.  Is red hair really going extinct? And are people with fairer skin considered superior in many cultures? The answers to these questions and more are in this illuminating discussion based on his book, Skin, a Biography. In conversation with novelist Aifric Campbell

Zurich Dalkey Book Festival June 19 2016

” Writing is an act of confidence” Aifric writes in Gierik, Dutch lit journal Dec 2014

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Dec 2014 issue 32 no 125


A i f r i c C a m p be l l

Schrijven is een daad van vertrouwen




came to Brussels to start my fourth novel. In fact I came to write it – to “get black on white”. I am always dishing out Hemingway’s blunt advice to my students because it’s true: without text there is nothing, there is just the idea in your head.

For the past year I’ve been working on three different ideas, filling up little blue moleskins, A4 softbacks in different colours, scraps of papers on my bedside table, notes on my iPhone, my desktop screen has become wall of WORK IN PROGRESS folders. This is a crisis of procrastination, extended by real-life loss and sadness in the last 18 months…. DOWNLOAD pdf file

The Book of Men (2013)

Read Aifric’s story in The Book of Men

“SHORT FICTION AND NONFICTION BY SOME OF THE WORLD’S BEST WRITERS,curated BY COLUM MCCANN, published by Picador USA to launch the nonprofit Narrative4