The Loss Adjustor (2010)

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  • The Loss Adjustor Written with seriousness, lightness, intelligence and insight, but most of all with great beauty and presence – Joseph O’Connor
  • Campbell’s style is lyrical, revealing sharp, important truths with mesmerising intensity as Caro begins to embrace a future that is rich with possibility, hope and reconciliation – Daily Mail
  • Sexy, sad, riven with longing, The Loss Adjustor confirms a talent of unusual promise -Nicholas Shakespeare
  • Campbell writes with lambent precision… a mesmerising study of a woman clinging to the knotted cord of adolescence, uncertain whether to go backwards or forwards – Guardian
  • Clear-eyed, lyrical… Campbell manages to infuse the cool, lucid language of narrator with some truly luminous descriptions of place and emotion… a book that demands to be taken seriously, both because of its ambitions and the beauty of its writing – Irish Times
  • A powerful and thought-provoking book … the real beauty lies in her elegant and evocative prose- Sunday Business Post
  • Campbell renders her narrator’s inner voice in graceful prose. – Independent on Sunday
  • Subtle and haunting… Campbell writes beautifully, drawing you into Caro’s world and the incidents that help her clamber out of her monochrome misery – Victoria Moore Daily Mail
  • So full of beautiful writing that even the insurance industry comes to life. From its beguiling first sentence – “I was born in a place that presumed departure” – to its simple, humane ending, it is beautiful to read. Aifric Campbell’s language is rich and exact, never flowering into too much; she is concise without being dry, her characters painted in deft, tight strokes – Irish Examiner
  • Campbell allows her disturbing story to seep out slowly and to deliver unnerving punches in this extremely well-paced novel Mslexia
  • Aifric Campbell’s absorbing second novel celebrates friendship past and present and the enduring hope of redemption Waterstone’s Books Quarterly
  • The imagery is evocative, the narrative well-paced and there is a genuine sense of sympathy with the main character. Thought-provoking – Scotsman
  • The flawless depiction of a life destroyed by the devastating loss of a loved one is testament to her skill as a writer – Sunday Independent
  • Campbell’s eloquent prose is both beautiful and compelling, making The Loss Adjustor a haunting and gripping novel (Ulster Tatler)
  • Passionately imbued with a tremendous sense of place and a critical awareness of how time eventually surrenders some degree of understanding –  Morning Star

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