“9.24 in the Chocolate Lounge” published 2013

Legends of the Fall: fiction on finance in The Irish TimesIMG_0803

“9.24 in the Chocolate Lounge” is the title of my story, published  the Irish Times. It re-imagines the early hours of November 28 2010 when the late Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan, was on his way to Brussels to sign the bailout agreement for the Irish banks.

“These are not the stories we carry on the news or business pages, though they breathe some of the same air. They are not reports of the doings of politicians or technocrats, though they often reflect on the absurdities inherent in much of that activity. They are not journalism: unlike journalists, creative writers are free to exaggerate reality, as Aifric Campbell does in today’s brilliant reimagining of a moment in the saga of the bailout, or to delve far beneath its surface.” – Fintan O’Toole, Irish Times