” Writing is an act of confidence” Aifric writes in Gierik, Dutch lit journal Dec 2014

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Dec 2014 issue 32 no 125


A i f r i c C a m p be l l

Schrijven is een daad van vertrouwen




came to Brussels to start my fourth novel. In fact I came to write it – to “get black on white”. I am always dishing out Hemingway’s blunt advice to my students because it’s true: without text there is nothing, there is just the idea in your head.

For the past year I’ve been working on three different ideas, filling up little blue moleskins, A4 softbacks in different colours, scraps of papers on my bedside table, notes on my iPhone, my desktop screen has become wall of WORK IN PROGRESS folders. This is a crisis of procrastination, extended by real-life loss and sadness in the last 18 months…. DOWNLOAD pdf file